How To Improve Onboarding With Guided Selling

By Andrew Rhodes posted 08-01-2018 14:24


Sales leaders stand at a crossroads. One path embraces the myth that great sellers are born, not made. And since great sellers are already great, that means they don’t need training.


But there’s another path you can take. On this path, sales is a science that can be taught to anyone. And with the right training, everyone can improve. The technique of guided selling delivers the right training to new sales reps at just the right time. Guided selling is one of the best tools you can use to grow your team and stay on the right path.


One Challenge With Many Faces


What’s your top challenge with new sales hires? If you’re a sales manager, it might be quota attainment or time to ramp. But the story changes as you move around the organization. Your colleague in marketing might mention the sales team’s lack of consistency in messaging and follow-up. One of your sales operations managers might talk about missed upsell and cross-sell opportunities. And your Director of HR might focus on high turnover among new sales hires.


If you think great sellers are born, not made, you probably hear comments like these all the time. The more you venture down that path, the more challenging it will be to bring your new reps up to speed. If you want to transform your new reps into top performers, you need a new direction.



Real Change Starts At The Root


Think about what happens when a new sales rep joins your team. They need to process an incredible amount of information in a short period of time. Any potential upside lies months away, once they’ve built up their pipeline. In the short-term, their needs are more immediate:


  • What do we sell, and what’s the best way to sell it?
  • Who are my ideal prospects?
  • How do I reinforce our marketing?
  • Am I learning everything I need to do well here?


If they don’t get answers to these questions, or if they don’t like the answers, they’ll go somewhere else. No wonder turnover among new sales reps is so high.


Guided selling addresses all of these questions and gets new reps on the path to success. There are two aspects of guided selling that can help new sellers get to first dollar faster:


Within Their Training
The best sales training is mobile, dynamic, and available everywhere. Today’s sales enablement platforms let you schedule course modules for specific points during onboarding and sales training, and sequence those modules for ongoing reinforcement. Guided selling doesn’t work if your training materials are dispersed across your organization. And it becomes impractical if your training materials are limited to lengthy PDFs and thick binders. Guided selling works best in the cloud.
Within Their Workflow
It’s one thing to centralize training content. But if you really want to ramp your new sales reps faster, deliver training within the CRM. Many sales enablement platforms let you tag training modules by industry, sales stage, and even buyer persona. This way, your new reps can learn what they need, right when they need it. This is the essence of Guide Selling.



Guided Selling Is Your Path To The Future


Guided selling can improve new hire onboarding and clear the path for sales success. When you deliver the right training to new reps within context, within their workflow, they’ll learn faster and get to first dollar quicker. How does Guided Selling address top challenges with new sales hires across different teams?


  • Sales Managers: “New reps get more context, so they always know what to say.”
  • Marketing: “Their training is consistent with our messaging, so new reps sell on value.”
  • Sales operations: “New reps feel empowered and aware, which means they sell more.”
  • HR: “The best part is, new sales reps feel valued, which means they stay longer.”



Now it’s time to take the next step. Extend Guided Selling to the rest of your organization, sales veterans and new hires alike. Take it beyond the initial onboarding phase, and use it for ongoing reinforcement, new product launches, upsell opportunities, and beyond. After all, organizations that embrace sales enablement best practices like Guided Selling can shorten their sales cycle and increase average deal size. Integrate Guided Selling into your team, and watch your reps thrive.




Andrew Rhodes is Content Marketing Manager at Veelo, the only sales enablement platform that combines onboarding, enablement and optimization. Prior to Veelo, Andrew worked in sales and account management for ten years within several different industries, which gave him a keen appreciation for the value of sales enablement.