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Sales Centric Marketing Strategies

By charlene nichols posted 05-19-2018 22:15

My ultimate goal in starting SellSMART was to help create synergy within my customers' business between the sales department and all other departments to create a "sales-centric" culture. Although my core offering was centered around sales training, I found that KPIs were seldom clear and identified for my potential clients. I worked backwards to find a starting place and arrived at the very beginning of the sales cycle for my customers- traffic generation. What I found is most of my customers had survived by word of mouth and foot traffic for so long, that their digital marketing strategy (where I advise my customers to focus their marketing) was basically a shot in the dark. There did not appear to be any specific strategy or baseline KPI. Many of the clients we work with have used the same service or technique for years, with little understanding of how effective the efforts are. I took this challenge as a new opportunity to  mentor business owners in developing a sales centric marketing strategy. Simply put- with every post, tweet, snap, etc- what is the goal? By helping my customers to understand their goals and building a strategy around the behavior of the audience we are addressing, I have found my customers are enjoying an accelerated engagement AND we are able to track these great results through a customer insight platform. We are also able to pinpoint less effective strategies and immediately address this by shifting course. In the industry of my focus (eyecare) we service brick and mortar retailers that are competing with a growing range of goliath, enterprise competition. Although the business owners I work with do not seem familiar with the concept of sales engagement, that is what I am helping them to work towards. There is no better industry in my opinion to apply sales enablement strategies than SMBs because in general, there is a lack of definition in the sales process. By helping my customers to define a content strategy, customer service strategy, sales strategy and customer engagement/follow up strategy, I aim for a holistic approach to sales enablement. Although challenging to get established businesses to adopt a philosophy so essential to their vitality- I am confident that we are at the beginning of a trend that will become essential in sales growth for all business owners within the next few years. I try to explain to my clients that the easiest way to remain relevant and competitive is to do what no one else is doing. Sales enablement may be a new strategy but it has become a necessity as millennial  buyers turn to digital research and diverse engagement as opposed to the old fashioned word of mouth way.