Organizational implications to a successful sales enablement implementation

By francois delvaux posted 02-10-2019 11:11

From our research, sales enablement has gained momentum in the last two years among B2B organizations we surveyed. With many stating that its a way for them to 1) boost sales productivity and 2) achieve more impactful customer interactions and 3) overall gain better sales results. 

From our Q4, 2018 survey (Minds&More, Showpad, Kynetec) where we contacted over 2000 companies and the focused our research on the 100 companies that said had a digital platform in place for sales and marketing.

- 72% of them said that they
 gained revenue growth
- 78% of respondents stated achieved
 sales productivity improvements

While part of the Sales enablement initiative will have a digital sales platform or digital tool for sales teams to use, most organizations must prepare itself for how this platform or tool will impact the way the organization works (people) and how fits within commercial processes. 

Survey Sales Digital Platform

However a key success factor to good sales enablement implementation is to recognize the people dimension (roles, organizational structure, mindset, processes to follow ..) and what will be impacted, what needs to change to get the most out of the investment in digital sales platforms.  Per our research:

- 49% of respondents said they made a minor structural change
- 28% made important structural change.

Good news is that 69% said the platforms improved the collaboration between marketing and sales.

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09-13-2019 03:01

Informative article Francois- thank you for sharing. 
Implementing a new platform or tool in many cases may be the ONLY catalyst to review current workflows and process - many organisations can overlook streamlining activities because they are so busy just "doing stuff". Consequently, it doesn't surprise me that nearly 50% of respondents made changes- it's likely these changes were required already but the introduction of the platform sharpened the focus.