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Sales Kickoff content planning

By Madeline Turner posted 10-02-2019 14:23


Hi all,
My team and I are in the process of planning our annual SKO for the end of January 2020.  The theme, location, hotels, and tracks have been locked down and an agenda has been proposed.  I am hoping to get input into the processes that others follow to actually develop SKO content. What are the steps to develop content (i.e. presentations) for each topic? How is content developed, who usually helps in the development process, and what does the timeline look like?  Thank you!

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23 days ago

What a grand adventure! This is an exciting process for sure. Having worked on the event side of the world for many years, we know content is key to the success of your SKO.

Step #1: Do you have a great Executive Producer? Someone who can bring together the content and technology and timeline and budget? I always suggest a third-party and can make some recommendations for you if you are looking for a pro. ​ The EP will help define the rest of your questions on timeline, process, etc.