How to win at Enterprise Mobility

By Scott Hall posted 04-19-2018 11:34

The world is changing faster than ever and one major shift is from the big screen to the small screen. In the B2C markets, mobile has eaten the world. The winners are companies like Uber, AliExpress and TripAdvisor – players who understood the importance of mobile early enough.

In B2B the mobile revolution is still ahead, though.

In this post I’ll share my thoughts on how you can emerge as a winner – and what your reward will be.

Three megatrends that drive mobility
First, you should understand the fundamental trends that are currently shaping the world:

Mobile first. People are on their mobiles all the time. Mobile is already bigger than desktop.
Less typing. AI and new interaction methods are phasing out the (virtual) keyboard one swipe at a time.
Frictionless user experience. Customers look for complete, effortless experiences, not products or services.
So, as consumers, we have learned to demand and expect excellent quality. That’s why the shift to work context on mobile is agonizing - enterprise apps are still worlds apart from B2C apps.

To win, focus on full mobile experience
Work is more and more done 24/7, often in short bursts when it is convenient. Nobody wants to fire up their laptops in the evening when their mobiles are close and ready.

Embrace the change. Give your team tools that exploit the benefits of mobility. Tools that might even make work feel less like work.

Here’s what you should demand from mobile enterprise tools:

  • Fluent interaction and input methods. Swiping and dictation over typing and filling out forms.

  • 24/7 availability: anytime, anywhere. Tools that work reliably on the go.

  • Automation and context awareness. If data, like location, is available, do not trouble the user to enter it. (This is a great way to reduce mistakes and input errors, by the way.)

  • Engagement and user experience. B2B tools are nothing like games. But… maybe they should be?

  • Your reward: productivity & satisfaction

I’m convinced that focusing on mobility is not an option, it’s a must. If you do not provide today’s top talent with the tools they actually want to use, you can be sure that someone else will.

On the other hand, proper mobile enterprise tools boost employee and team productivity to the next level. Modern tools make your people more active, motivated, accurate and timely. Happier and more motivated.

If you would like to discuss increasing mobile productivity, lets connect!