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The Birth of Today’s Mobile Salesman

By Scott Hall posted 05-11-2018 15:29


In today’s new digital world the activities of the sales teams has not changed. Still required is customer contact, presenting the product, communication, closing the deal and support.  What has changed is the rapid pace of sales technology and innovation. It is transforming the way sales operates. The new generation of sales are technology focused. Everything is digital. Every aspect of a job and social life is being completed on mobile devices. From games and facetime to work activities like calls and emails.

This means gone are the 9 to 5 hours and sitting at desks entering sales activities into your companies CRM.   In the new digital world, technology allows your salesperson to be on the road, at trade shows,taking meeting over lunch or even at a non work event such as sporting event. Its now a mobile world. We have progressed from door to door selling, selling by mail catalogs, selling in person to selling at your desk. Technology has also progressed during this time.  From call centers, to desktop computers, to laptops to smartphone and tablets.

This digital transformation can make or break your sale. If you are not available when a customer reach out, you could lose a sale.  If the sales teams are not accurately managing their sales activities, it not only could cost them a sale but also cost the company sales intelligence on their prospects and future customers.  Sales managers will come and go within a company, but today’s companies need to harness and maintain all sales activities from sales. The company’s CRM must be the gatekeeper of this data, not the salesperson.

Does your sales managers, directors and in field operators have the latest innovative technologies that meet today’s new digital world.  If your salesman are not mobile mobile ready for their CRM it could cost them a sale and your company sales intelligence.