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The Bazbaz Blueprint For Winning@Work

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The Bazbaz Blueprint For Winning@Work


Highly effective sales enablement professional with a proven track record for exceeding expectations and developing and delivering innovative training programs that enable sales and leadership professionals to reliably, consistently and accurately define, gauge/measure, verify and ensure they attain maximum success and effectiveness with everyone in every situation.

The innovation I have brought to training has enabled sales professionals to close 95% of their qualified leads and leapfrogged their production into the top 4%. When I applied it to leadership professionals... their productivity, talent retention and job satisfaction soared while turnover rates, resistance to change and conflict rapidly diminished. As a side note, I was recognized by Forbes as a thought leader for some of my best-practice solutions.

Also, I have extensive experience developing and delivering interactive training sessions online, in person, one-on-one and in large group settings. I have trained Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, CPA’s, Professional Coaches in Youth & Adult Sports, High-Level Software (A.I and Machine Learning) and Pharmaceutical Sales Reps as well as CEO’s, VP’s, Directors, Frontline Managers and helped develop Truly Agile teams.

Prior to sales enablement, I forged my ability to excel in fast paced, intense pressure and rapidly changing environments as I built 3 successful financial advisory practices in some of the most challenging markets in history where I not only survived, I thrived. Throughout my tenure I was consistently recognized as a Top Producer, Top Business Developer and Top Account Manager of Multimillion Dollar Accounts and as a manager and developer of teams. During that time I was also recognized for my Strategy, Leadership and Team Development skills and was awarded several trips to attend additional sales and leadership training. Additionally, I consistently exceeded multimillion dollar quotas and triggered all bonuses.