Andriu Urbina


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My training as a pharmacist and my skills with technology have opened the doors of the pharmaceutical industry in the area of CRM and BI software.
OBJECTIVE: to understand and apply the best solutions to a business in constant evolution, highly regulated, which needs to be up-to-date in terms of the management of its activity.
The adaptability and versatility of my profile is clear seeing my professional career. I'm not afraid to take on challenges and responsibilities.
My EXPERIENCE in a small consulting firm, in which I started from "0", is clear: I actively collaborated in everything necessary to achieve a growth of 1 to 40 employees and with international expansion in less than 5 years, approaching first level projects around Europe in top pharmaceutical companies.
Thinking in a disruptive way helps you find different solutions.
Future entrepreneur, if you want to know some of my ideas or projects, contact me!