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Sales is arguably the world’s third oldest profession. Over the millennia, countless books and blogs have been penned on the topic, billions of dollars have been spent annually by companies trying to improve their sales, and yet the majority of sellers continuously fail to meet their targets. In true Pareto principle fashion, a small percentage of sellers who do meet quota carry most of the revenue burden, and companies appear to be content with, or at least resigned to, this current state of the sales profession. I believe we can do better…

Sales Enablement, simply put, is the activity of reducing the friction which impedes sales. Sounds straightforward enough, until we recognize that friction can occur anywhere – in marketing, in contracting, facilities, IT, L&D, legal, sales ops, the C-suite… And that’s just on the seller’s side of the equation. Equally important is the friction which occurs on the customer’s side, preventing them from making the (emotional) decision to buy. And, inadvertently, sellers are the ones introducing much of the friction into the sales process!

Recognizing and addressing these friction points is my wheelhouse, especially in the area of sales L&D and influencing seller and sales leader behavior. Having carried a bag, led sellers, and been in technical and sales training and L&D leadership for more than two decades, I bring a unique, business-oriented, and metrics-driven set of experiences to Sales Enablement. Over the years, from experience as a leader in both the military and corporate worlds, I’ve learned to harness the power of people. My success is measured vicariously by the drive, passion, success, and growth of those I lead, as well as their impact on top and bottom line performance. I believe a leader doesn’t create followers; rather, a true leader creates other leaders.

I welcome your feedback to all I’ve shared with my LinkedIn postings and articles, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with you in Sales Enablement.