Nicole O'Brien


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I am one of the SES Board members and a Founding Director. I am passionate about the profession of Sales Enablement, because I have struggled within the Sales Enablement spectrum, as a marketing and communications leader. The work of the Sales Enablement Society has the power to change the way we communicate, function, and succeed within the Sales Enablement profession. We will elevate, clarify, innovate, and move fast toward lifting the burdens that keep Sales Enablement from doing it's best.

Outside of SES, I'm a marketing, sales enablement, brand and communications leader. I am passionate about communicating, marketing and selling in today’s world. I am passionate about using time and resources wisely and to their full extent to ensure successful outcomes. I take on issues and solve them. I create momentum, innovate with new tools, and inspire teams to strive for a higher level of success. I have witnessed and managed a lot of change over the past two decades. With each transition I am inspired, as management, technology vehicles and communications channels emerge and accelerate at lightning speed.

My professional life has led me from a successful career in journalism to leadership roles in corporate communications and corporate marketing for global Information Technology solutions and services providers. I have been fortunate to spend most of my career working for global organizations, as well as for companies serving the U.S. Federal government. I have created award-winning employee/internal corporate communications programs and have a deep knowledge of delivering communications and marketing initiatives across multiple global channels in highly-matrixed organizations--ones that I'd like to see benefit from the work we're doing within the Sales Enablement Society!