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Throughout my corporate career, I've had the great good fortune to work for and with many of the world's leading B2B technology brands and most successful entrepreneurial tech-based businesses, and I'm grateful for the opportunity this has given me to learn from some of the smartest brains in B2B sales and marketing.

I'm now very happy to have the chance to act as an advisor to a new generation of ambitious B2B-focused organisations, helping them to implement value selling principles that are enabling them to outperform their less progressive competitors and win the battle to engage, acquire and retain the most attractive customers. Perhaps I might be able to help you achieve the same?

Over the years, I've progressively developed what is now known as the Value Selling System®. It's a structured yet flexible approach to systematically improving sales performance that - as you might expect - has been continuously evolved to relect the latest research into B2B buying behaviours and incorporates the latest industry best practices.

My typical clients are mostly tech-based B2B-focused businesses in “scale-up” mode with fast-growing sales organisations employing 10-100+ sales people, but the approach is equally relevant to well-funded high-growth start-ups as well as the entrepreneurial business units of more mature organisations.

If you match any of these profiles and are keen to take your organisation to a higher level of sales effectiveness, we should probably find the time to talk. To find out more, download our Introduction to the Value Selling System® (below), send me an InMail or visit us at