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Sales enablement is all about making sales conversations generate more revenue. I do that by helping my clients better understand and connect with their buyers by leveraging IDC market intelligence.

Like many sales enablement professionals, I got into it by accident…

Years ago, as a field rep selling PCs, I struggled to get the information I needed to have the conversations my customers wanted. To make smart purchase decisions, they needed product data contained in dozens of spreadsheets I had to download from various internal web sites. I often spent hours a week updating my laptop just to make the information mobile.

To solve this problem, I built a portable database to manage all this data. My creation earned me a new job and was eventually used by over 7000 reps around the globe and became the most popular sales tool at the company.

Fast forward to today, and salespeople face a very different challenge…

Thanks to the web, buyers often know as much about your company’s products as do your reps. No longer relying on salespeople for basic product info, they now seek a much more complex dialog. They want insights about how technology can help their business. They need to know if you can address the needs unique to their industry, company, or job role. They want to know how other people like them are using technology and how it creates business value.

To support this kind of conversation, sellers need a much deeper understanding of buyers and how industry trends shape and inform their purchase journeys—just the sort of market intelligence analysts at IDC create. Using these insights, we…

• Educate your reps on the markets into which they sell
• Help them know which questions get at top buyer concerns
• Give them talking points that demonstrate mastery of the issues

Failing to know your customer’s perspective is like walking into a meeting blindfolded. Drop me a line at and I’d be happy to help you use IDC insights to remove that blindfold.