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Baker Communications, Inc (BCI)

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Baker Communications, Inc (BCI)


As Chief of Staff for BCI, my role is to help our customers and internal teams achieve world-class performance. We believe that world-class performance never happens by accident. We also believe it's achievable for everyone. So what we do is help sales teams like AWS, VMware, T-Mobile and companies like yours become world-class performers. We just happen to provide award-winning coaching and training. 

Throughout my career, I've challenged the learning industry to keep reinventing how we provide learning, and I've collaborated with industry leaders to lay out a path for EdTech to follow to solve the 2-Sigma Problem that was identified by Benjamin Bloom ( In turn, I've been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Elearning! magazine's panel of judges. 

Current Roles:
- Chief of Staff – Baker Communications, Inc.;
- Editor-at-Large - Elearning! and Government Elearning! Magazines;
- The Orphan Foundation - Co-founder & Chairman of this 501(c)3 nonprofit

CEO/President/Board Roles: 
- Co-Founder & President for The Orphan Foundation - 501(c)3 
- Board of Directors for The Wellness Community V/V - 501(c)3
- CEO for Interwise (now AT&T Connect) 
- Chairman of KnowledgePlanet (now Mzinga) 
- CEO of Productivity Point International 

Chief Learning Officer/Senior Learning Executive Roles: 
- EVP and CTLO of Countrywide Financial Corporation 
- VP Worldwide Education for PeopleSoft (now Oracle) 
- VP Americas Education for Oracle