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The buyer journey has evolved - has your B2B sales & marketing evolved with it?

Businesses of all sizes are experiencing the transformation of their processes with the impact from technology, connectivity and the related changing buyer behaviour.

At Strategic IC, we focus on working with SaaS, Enterprise Software, Technology, Corporate Training, Healthcare and Infrastructure companies.

We help organisations understand and leverage the evolutionary shift happening in B2B sales & marketing, aligned with the modern buyer journey.


[Full Service B2B Sales & Marketing Agency]

My focus is on engaging with B2B Enterprise companies in helping to assess their Inbound to ABM strategy for both sales & marketing teams.

We deliver highly targeted B2B strategies leveraging content marketing programmes for inbound lead generation & nurturing, along with Account-Based Marketing, and Growth Driven Web Design.

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With interest in (marketing) technology, business development strategy and related business growth trends, I'm open to connecting with like-minded individuals who are passionate about business and sales & marketing innovation.

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