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How to effectively engage buyers in 2021

Covid-19 has changed the way B2B markets operate.

According to LinkedIn's State of Sales report, 44% of B2B sellers report that the duration of their sales cycle has increased.

At the same time, 96% of B2B companies have shifted to remote selling.

Australian B2B organisations that are struggling during the pandemic are often not equipped to effectively educate and engage buyers to remove friction during long remote sales cycles.

The challenge for sales teams in these organisations is that they either need to create their own content without local marketing support, or they are overwhelmed by content their overseas marketing teams produce and don't have the strategy in place to utilise it effectively.

Krueger Marketing has created a system called Content-Enabled Sales which is designed to help boost the performance of B2B sales teams. Our proven 5-Step process is designed to support sales KPIs such as:

- MQL-to-Opportunity %
- Opportunity-to-Customer %
- Average Sales Cycle Length
- Average Deal Size

So if you are a B2B sales leader or a B2B marketer working with a sales team facing challenges in the current market environment, please don't hesitate to reach out to arrange a free strategy session.

Here is what clients and industry peers have to say about Krueger Marketing and myself.

"The content Krueger Marketing has created for our sales team has enabled us to succinctly communicate our capabilities and increase engagement levels throughout the buyer journey." - Michael Dalichau, BDM Data Platforms, InterSystems

“To have the opportunity to collaborate with a true, demonstrated and experienced B2B expert like Krueger Marketing is a complete joy.” - Amanda Jones, CMO, Mirus Australia

"When it comes to planning and creating highly engaging content that powers the entire sales process you will struggle to find anybody as skilled as Felix Krueger." - Kathryn Wills, Brand Specialist, Google

"Felix is a digital innovator." -  Dan Flanagan, Agency Partner, Facebook

"It's rare to come across somebody as keen to innovate in the way content is used in B2B sales as Felix Krueger." - Toby Wiseman, Business Director, Nine

"Felix Krueger's superpower is his ability to simplify extremely complex information." - Chelsea Wymer, GM Brand, Marketing & Creative Services, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

"The sales content Felix Krueger creates is succinct yet engaging. A secret weapon in the arsenal of any salesperson." - Stewart Heys, Head of Ad Product, News Corp Australia

Felix Krueger