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I head Outsell - a multiple award winning sales enablement technology company that helps B2B sales reps in Manufacturing, Financial Services and Technology companies enhance product knowledge and sales skills.

Why Outsell : Buyer has evolved. Markets have changed. Enterprise sales is tougher than ever. Traditional training methods have failed. Outsell is the smarter way.

How Outsell : Outsell makes sales reps ever ready for winning customer conversations by providing better 'CTC' - Content and Coaching, powered through technology, in a consistent manner and across the customers buying journey.

We accomplish this by working with the customer across 3 stages :

A.Studying the current process and understanding gaps, and documenting change required with RoI benefits.
B. Building a business case and getting executive buy ins from multiple stakeholders at the customer company.
C. Launching and scaling up throughout the customer organisation.

We are 'Made in and for India' and our goal is to create winners out of every B2B sales rep who in all probability stumbled upon sales as a career as most other opportunities were closed to him. Sales is like contact sports, it takes enormous training and discipline to succeed but at the same time it creates Heroes out of ordinary men. We go all in to create such Heroes and power them throughout their journey. Ask our 5000+ champions who use Outsell every day to better their sales meetings and you would know what success feels like.

And our work has won us multiple awards and accolades from organisations like Aditya Birla Group, Reliance, Nasscom, People Matters, UK Trade and Investment etc

I would be happy to discuss how we could help, get in touch with me at or 91-9886730343.

Happy Selling!

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