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I'm passionate about helping sales reps learn from each other by sharing timely and vital insights from the field. I recently started a company, called Tribal Knowledge, focused on this concept. (I also have a day job at a large medical device company.)

In my experience, a lot of companies pay lip service to the concept of peer sharing but struggle to make it happen. And when it does happen, peer sharing often takes the form of sharing "success stories." Sharing success is fine, but I've found that the story of a colleague's success, while nice, doesn't really motivate or engage most reps. What reps really want to learn from each other is how they achieved that success. How and why did a particular sales strategy work? Who was the rep selling against and how did they persuade the prospect to make a change? What mistakes did they make, and how did they overcome them? Truly engaging content must explore these things in depth and detail, going well beyond a cursory "I had a great discussion and explained the benefits of the product and closed the deal" model.

In short, if peer sharing is going to provide actionable insights and best practices that actually help boost performance across a sales team, it has to offer reps content that is truly engaging and that provides depth. Producing that sort of content takes time, effort, planning, and a skillset that includes, most prominently, storytelling chops. 

That's what I'm passionate about and what I love doing best.